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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lyric Data-Crunching Helped Determine the Most Metal Word in Existence

After a long analysis of over 200,000 songs, a working list of the 20 most metal songs has been generated by a data science blogger.

Initially, I thought ‘obsidian’ and ‘pain’ would definitely make the cut but unfortunately neither of these feature in the top 20. The following methodology was used by Degenerate State for this compilation. The overall of 222,623 songs were cross-referenced from 7364 rock and metal bands on the database called Dark Lyrics with the Brown Corpus. Brown Corpus is a collection of documents, which was published in 1961 and covered a range of different genres.

This savvy guy combined various statistics to show the frequency of words in both sources, which presumably led him to believe that he was able to determine the “metalness” of each word.

‘Burn’ came out top, joined in the list by its hell-themed cousins ‘flames’ and ‘ashes’, followed by ‘cries’ and ‘veins’. Unsurprisingly, ‘demons’ and ‘beast’ came higher than ‘gods’ and ‘pray’.

Here’s the top 20 in full:
1. Burn
2. Cries
3. Veins
4. Eternity
5. Breathe
6. Beast
7. Gonna
8. Demons
9. Ashes
10. Soul
11. Sorrow
12. Sword
13. Goodbye
14. Dreams
15. Gods
16. Pray
17. Reign
18. Tear
19. Flames
20. Scream

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Queen’s Greatest Hits has been named the UK’s biggest-selling album of the past 60 years

Queen’s Greatest Hits has been revealed as the biggest-selling album in the UK.

The UK is proud to announce that Queen’s Greatest Hits is England’s biggest-selling album.

The Official Charts Company published alist to celebrate six decades of the very first UK chart on July 22nd, 1956 on which Sinatra’s Songs for Swingin’ Lovers became the very first number one hit. As years went by, nearly 1,100 albums made it to the top spot on vinyl, cassette, CD and download.

 Queen’s Greatest Hitswas released in 1981, and stayed on the top 100 list for a staggering 729 weeks. The album also sold over 6 million copies in the UK andholds the record in sale to this day. Additionally, the rock band’s Greatest Hits II also has a spot in the top ten at number ten, with almost 4 million sales.

Guitarist Brian May told OfficialCharts.com that Queen’s chart success was a “great bit of news to wake up to and “beyond his boyhood dreams” while drummer Roger Taylor described it as “incredible, marvellous, humbling”.

Since its releasein 1992,ABBA’s greatest hits album Gold has shifted close to 5.2 million albums, while The Beatles’ eighth album from 1967 is the only other masterpieceto break five million UK sales. Adele’s 2011 hit 21 and Oasis’ 1995 favourite(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?have reached the top five at numbers four and five, while Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and Dire Straits’ Brothers in Armscan also be found high up on the list.

The full Top 60 list is available here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

David Bowie’s Hair Auctioned for Around $18,000

A lock of David Bowie‘s hair has a new home!

Bowie’s hair was sold at an auction for £13, 700, after being put on the block by Wendy Farrier. Farrier cut Bowie’s hair back in 1983 in order to make a wig for Bowie’s wax figure at the Madame Tussauds museum.

The museum policy dictates that their subjects’“leftover” hair must be destroyed, but Wendy Furrier decided to keep a little clump of it. She framed the hair lock with a photo of the two of them and hung it on her wall. Wendy later told Newsweek, working with Bowie was one of the best moments in her career.

“He came over and seemed…a normal guy. There wasn’t any ego there, he was very easygoing. I said: ‘I’m sorry, I’ll be very careful, I won’t muck up your style,’ because he had a big quiff at the front. I remember my scissors were shaking as I did it. He was totally calm, he didn’t make a fuss,” she recalled. “At that time he had so many different colors — I took about five samples because the back of his head was a different color to the very bleached blond at the front.”

Farrier admitted that this maynot be the best timing for the auction, due to Bowie’s early demise, but the sale was being held to benefit Soi Dog Foundation—an organization working on behalf of special needs pups. This auction provided them a healthy payday.

“I wanted to give something back. I’m not a wealthy lady,” said Farrier. “Soi Dogs does such good work. It will go to helping them to feed the dogs, rehabilitate them, get them off to good homes. I hope people understand the reason why I’m selling it.”

Thursday, May 19, 2016

What’s New in Fallout 4 Far Harbor? Everything You Need to Know

Fallout 4’s third DLC, Far Harbor, is due to release today, giving players a pretty big reason to jump back into the wasteland and grab your Pip-Boy. Over 6 months since the game released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC to critical acclaim, Far Harbor aims to round off the third batch of DLC just as strong as Automatron started it. Although Wasteland Workshop didn’t bring the kind of content that would appeal to everyone, Far Harbor is set to put things right and give players an ultimate expansion to their Fallout 4 experience.

With so much promised from Far Harbor, we thought it would be best to give you a complete rundown on what you can expect when you finally get your hands on the DLC. So without further ado, let’s check out what’s new.

New Area

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

Far Harbor, as its name suggests, will bring a whole new location to Fallout 4’s wasteland. Set off the coast of Maine, the mysterious island of Far Harbor has much higher radiation levels that have created a more feral and dangerous world.

According to Bethesda, the size of Far Harbor in terms of landmass is supposed to be bigger than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s Shivering Isles expansion. In fact, Bethesda states this is the biggest DLC landmass its ever created, full of distractions to keep you occupied. Therefore, you can expect plenty more to see and do in Far Harbor than the excellent, albeit a little short, Automatron DLC from earlier this year.


Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

One of the main things that Far Harbor adds to Fallout 4 is a whole new story and a number of different quests. According to the snippet of information we got from the DLC announcement back in February, Far Harbor will focus on a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency.

“A new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople.”

It looks like we’ll have to take a side in Far Harbor, too. Better get planning who you may want to work alongside.

Can You Play If You Just Got the Game?

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

Before starting Far Harbor, you’ll be required to complete a specific mission from the main quest. The quest, called Getting a Clue, is one that you’ll complete after rescuing Nick Valentine early on in the game. With Valentine being a pretty significant part of the DLC, with it being based on a case from his agency, you’ll have to have tied off any previous story missions.

If you’ve just picked up the game or have been busy completing side quests and building up your settlements too much to focus on the main quest, now would be a good time to get this mission done so you can set sail for Far Harbor right away. As for a level cap, Bethesda hasn’t mentioned anything. While there are certainly going to be plenty of hostile creatures, and areas of extreme radiation contamination, these may be scaled to whatever level your character is at.

New Enemies

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

Fallout 4’s third DLC is set to bring with it a bunch of new enemies. While we don’t know all that much about how they’ll try and take us down, we have caught a glimpse of them in promotional materials.

In the trailer that was released on May 4, 2016, we saw several new mutant and insect creatures. Some of these seemed to be water-based, too, meaning that those radiated waters are even more dangerous now. We also got a quick look at some heavily modified synths too. So it might be a good idea to pack some energy weapons for your journey.

New Items

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

Of course, it wouldn’t be right for Far Harbor to put us up against new high-level enemies, make us walk through heavily radiated areas, and get involved in a conflict without some new goodies to help us along the way. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we do know that we’ll definitely be getting at least one new piece of armor and one new weapon on our adventure.

First up is the Marine Armor, as shown in the image above. Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about it, but it looks to be a more lightweight version of the rather famous Power Armor. As for the Harpoon Gun, we also get a glimpse of this in the trailer for the DLC released back in May. While it seems that modders playing the PC version of Fallout 4 may have found it hidden in the game’s files back in November, it will officially release as part of Far Harbor. Oh, and did we mention it looks to be a hell of a lot of fun to use?

Achievements/ Trophies

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC, prepare, everything you need to know, what's new

Rounding off the new additions that Far Harbor brings is the achievements and trophies. The DLC brings an additional ten trophies to Fallout 4, nine bronze and one silver.

Six of the trophies are for completing quests, and the rest are focused on you defeating enemies, finding new locations, and accessing some of the new items that will come as part of the DLC.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Prince Was Almost In ‘The Fifth Element’ Before Hilarious Misunderstanding

Remember The Fifth Element? Well, apparently the role of Ruby Rhodwas initially offered to Prince and this was the costume concept meant for him. His comment was that it was “too effeminate” for him; but just look at it!

And yes, despite Chris Tucker’s marvelous performance in the film, it’s hard to disagree that it does make sense for Prince to play the role of the androgynous character of Ruby Rhod. Now, thanks to the Brooklyn Museum and its newest exhibit, we can have a glimpse of what he would have looked like if he hadn’t turned out the role.

The Brooklyn Museum has organized an amazing exhibit showing the most notableand interesting work of the Fifth Element costume designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. So there you have it – just an idea of Prince as Ruby Rhod!

The exhibit also features other work of the artist, together with this interesting piece of story. And in case you didn’t know, he also revealed that Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were originally cast for the lead roles.

One of the thousand costumes in The Fifth Element, I took my inspiration for many of them from my own collections. Filming was originally planned for 1992, with Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson and Prince in the leading roles but due to a lack of financing the project was put on hold. At that time, the role of Ruby Rhod, the outrageous media personality finally played by Chris Tucker, had been given to Prince.

When the singer was giving a series of concerts in Paris, Luc Besson wanted us both to meet with him to show him my sketches. Prince had already attended my runway shows, but he came and went very quickly every time, so we had never been formally introduced. While I was waiting for Luc in his office, I saw this huge bodyguard appear, with Prince trailing behind him. As Luc hasn't yet arrived, I thought he must have wanted me to meet with Prince alone, so we could get to know each other a little bit. In broken English, and with my strong French accent, I tried my best to make conversation, something like "Hell-O Prin-ze, welcome to Par-isse! So for ze role I sink…"

I showed him my drawings, but he didn't say a word. I had had an idea for a really funny costume with netting which quite long body hair would pass through, and I had done front and back versions of it. So then I explained to Prince: "Eet eel fake 'air, you know, and eet eel beaucoup, beaucoup, airy, vraiment fun, and ze back is made of sat, and on ze back were eez ze faux cul, you know, a very big faux cul." and I slapped my buttocks to show him how the back of the costume would be designed.

Still not saying anything, Prince gave me this Charlie Chaplin kind of look. I could see that something had just happened, but I didn't know what, only that he had indicated to his body guard that he wanted to leave right then and there. I thought he was going to go and see Luc. Later, Luc told me that Prince had been very surprised and amused — by my presentation, but that he found the costumes a bit too effeminate. And, most importantly, he had thought he head "Fuck you, fuck you!" when I was saying in my terrible English accent "faux cul, faux cul" [fake ass]!

—Jean Paul Gaultier