Monday, February 15, 2016

Quantum Break constantly being improved - a comparison of graphics in 2015 vs 2016

In the gaming industry, the differences between the look of the final game and pre-releases for press and promotion are evident these days. It’s always good to see that developers work hard on the product they are releasing and that it’s constantly getting improved. A good example we are seeing these days is Quantum Break, and the comparison between the Xbox One and the PC version.

Each time we see new footage from Quantum Break, a game focused on the idea of time travel, it’s obvious that the game is subjected to continuous improvement. The developers of Remedy are doing a good job, judging from the latest gameplay footage and how much it has improved compared to the demos shown last year.

Take a look at the comparison, and the obvious differences, such as sharper textures, improved animation and different colors.


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