Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A much more accurate look at Fallout 4’s map size

There are many speculations involving the size of Fallout 4’s full map. Of course, the game is not out yet, hence the speculations, helped by the leaking of screenshots by users who got hold of the game early. From one such image, Game Revolution estimated the size of the map at about 145,800 square feet, which is surprisingly small. For comparison, engineers typically use 100,000 square feet as a rough estimate for the size of a city block. By that estimation, Fallout 4 is the size of roughly:
  • 1/250th (0.4%) of Central Park (36.7 million sq. ft.)
  • 1/6th (15.3%) of Staples Centre (950,001 sq. ft.)
  • 1/2 (48.6%) of Roman Colosseum (300,000 sq. ft.)
This would mean that it falls short in comparison with Skyrim, and not just by a little, as Skyrimcovers the range of 15 square miles. It’s hard to imagine that a map from a newer game would be 1/267th the size of one that was in a game released four years ago.

However, there’s no way to determine the exact size of the map’s segments, as we didn’t see how far you can zoom out. Other reports have surfaced, saying that the map is actually huge and that it consists of the whole Boston, Cambridge and West Cambridge, Deep in to Southend, East Boston and Logan Airport, and even further into the suburban area.

Bethesda’s own Todd Howard estimates that the map is around the size of Skyrim, though it is difficult to compare the two because Skyrimhad mountains that you couldn’t explore and had to go around, and there’s no such limitation in the urban post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout 4. This probably gives rise to other speculations that the map is in fact double the size of Skyrim.

It is hard to calculate precisely, but as there are about 729 segments on the map, ranging from a possible minimum size of 550,000 square feet to a maximum of 1,700,000 square feet, it can be concluded that the map’s size might range from 14.3 square miles to 43 square miles, which is impressive.

However, until the game is officially out, it’s all guesswork. We can only wait for November 9th, when Fallout 4is released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and see then.


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