Thursday, March 24, 2016

7 Video Games That Teach the Art of Hacking

It’s not society’s proudest accomplishment, but hacking has become a major part of internet and gaming interactions. Did you know that 97 percent of companies will experience a data breach, and hundreds of thousands of cyber security attacks happen every week? The interesting thing is that video games can actually teach you the art of hacking, and you can use that knowledge to protect yourself – and maybe even mess with your friends every now and then. If learning the art of hacking is your goal, here are some games you should definitely try.

1. Uplink

Players perform a series of dirty jobs for an international corporation, including money laundering, stealing data, sabotaging enemy systems, erasing evidence, and other wrongful doings. The dialogue and interaction with other characters is extremely cheesy, but it’s fun to play the bad guy every once in a while.

2. PWN: Combat Hacking

This fun game dabbles in using nefarious tools like viruses, firewalls, backdoors, and Trojans. If learning to protect yourself from hackers is what you seek, this game will teach you the basics of these features. It comes in the form of a fast-paced strategy game that’s kind of like a mix between chess and tic-tac-toe.

3. CryptoClub

This game is a little less flashy than some of the others, but it’s good for those just getting into the hacking game. It’s made up of a group of challenging puzzles and mini games to help you learn code and then decode it, just like a real hacker would.

4. BioShock

It’s true that this game has nothing to do with breaking into computer systems, but the gameplay does have a lot of similarities to real hacking. As you explore underwater 1950s architecture, you get to hack and control vending machines, enemy robots, turrets, locks, and more. The concept of attacking and controlling objects is what gives it an addictive, hacking-like nature.

5. Hacknet

The fascinating thing about Hacknet is that the interface allows you to get as close to the real concept of hacking as possible. It implements the genuine UNIX commands that you see today. The premise of the story follows a character that’s trying to take over the work of a recently deceased hacker, while at the same time discovering why he died. Throughout the game, you’ll solve problems with code, develop viruses, and more as you explore the unpredictable nature of corporate greed, the power of online hacking, and discover what personal privacy really means.

6. Enter The Matrix

Have you ever seen The Matrix? Of course you have, and you know that the hacking that goes on in the film is pretty impressive, which is why they’ve come out with a video game version. It pulls players into the film’s computer interface and allows them to break passwords through trial and error and through strategy.

7. Watch Dogs

There’s no such thing as privacy in this exciting, real-world game. It mixes hacking challenges with everyday obstacles as you play vigilante hacker, Aiden Pearce, who seeks revenge for the wrongful death of his young niece. When hacking is involved, it’s simulated based on the real thing, making it one of the most enjoyable hacking games on the market.


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